Get Involved

Short-Term Volunteer Positions

We are looking for dedicated, passionate people interested in celebrating diverse women, with an emphasis on women in STEM. All are welcome to apply. There are no restrictions on age, gender, or background. You must, however, believe in our mission and values. 


What you gain:

  • Sharpen your skills in the area that you have chosen

  • Opportunity to network with incredible women in STEM

  • Attendance to one Steministas event for free with one guest

  • A community of amazing, empowered women (in STEM )



  • Ability to work somewhat independently and keep to deadlines

  • Demonstrate strong communication skills


Send responses to interested Steministas and schedule pre-chats and recording sessions

Commitment: 15 minutes/week to check emails and put event in calendar


Write a script on your favorite woman in STEM or on the science behind universal experiences and interactions such as friendship, love, meditation, and so on for our coming YouTube series.

Commitment: 1 script/month with references


Source images from Pinterest or copyright free images for our social media. Help to organize the images and schedule them for consistent release

Commitment: 1 hr/wk

event volunteer

Help set-up for events. Help guests find the location if need be, help during events and help to take-down props for events

Commitment: 1-2 hrs in addition to attendance at event


Promote Steministas "products" and services on their social media, such as Steministas events, podcast episodes, and Channel (when released)

Commitment: 1 story post/event (including podcast)*

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